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Carolyn Everson has left Facebook as Global Ads Chief

Carolyn Everson, who has worked at Facebook for more than ten years, was the face of the Company for major advertisements. She was the Company’s Vice President when more than 1,000 advertisers joined a boycott against Facebook last summer. The boycott came at the heels of concerns that the platform was not doing enough to restrict and combat hate speech.

Everson is hopeful that one day someone will mention that big overturn the Company saw under her leadership. She spoke about her excitement regarding this new chapter of her life.

This exit comes to the expectations of some ad executives who regarded Ms. Everson as a successor to the revenue chief of Facebook, David Fischer. Fischer had announced his plans to leave the Company later this year.

Facebook named Marne Levine, a long-time lieutenant to operating Chief Sheryl Sandberg, as the new chief business officer. This role is new, and Levine is the first person to hold this title. The new business officer oversees the Company’s advertising business and global partnerships.

Facebook declared Nicola Mendelson as the interim leader of the global business group. Ms. Everson managed this group. Ms. Mendelsohn looked after the group’s operating centers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. She has been with Facebook for eight years and counting.

A Facebook spokeswoman wished all the best to Carolyn. She further stated that Facebook would remain grateful for contributing to the Company’s growth.

Everson is one of the most celebrated and revered client hand-holders. She is efficient in the ad business. She is regarded for her strong client relationships. She shares a good bond with marketing executives from various industries.

She is quite popular. Her Facebook post has an ongoing engagement. It saw around 500 comments on the post announcing her leaving Facebook.

A lot of people have weighed their assumptions about the actual reason why Everson is leaving. Many influential executives, like the one for Go Fund, feels Everson’s exit is an incredible loss for Facebook.

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