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Cost of Living in Virginia Beach, Va

A few reasons why anyone would choose to reside in Virginia Beach are the numerous career possibilities the city offers; secure neighborhoods, excellent public education, and numerous miles of beautiful beaches. Many youngsters are relocating to Virginia Beach in Virginia in search of better life opportunities, thereby making the city busier and bubbling than ever.

If you wish to move to Virginia Beach, Va, you should gather as many details as you can in advance because relocating to a new place is a life experience that requires planning. This article will give you the information you need concerning the cost of living in Virginia Beach, so you will know if it is what you can afford.

Keep reading to see the cost of things like utilities, food, transportation, housing, entertainment, sports and leisure, and healthcare in Virginia Beach, Va, so you can use the information to gauge the cost of living in Virginia Beach pros and cons.


Right from the moment you decide to move to a new place, the first thing you should check is the cost of housing in that location – it is the basics. In Virginia Beach, Va, affording the cost of buying a house depends on your occupation and how much you earn. The amount you will be spending on accommodation when you arrive in Virginia Beach depends on your preference and budget.

Similar to other booming towns in Virginia, Virginia Beach has rent costs that are above the country’s average. The average monthly rent for a 1-bedroom flat in the heart of Virginia Beach is $1200, whereas a 3-bedroom flat in the same location costs $1800. On the outskirts of Virginia Beach, a 1-bedroom apartment will cost $1000 to rent, while a 3-bedroom apartment will cost $1300.


In Virginia Beach, the price of eating outside in eateries or preparing meals at home is often less costly than the national average, making it less expensive than in other big cities. Whether you decide to cook your meals at home or eat outside in restaurants, you will be spending almost the same amount. 

There are several fantastic restaurants and pubs in Virginia Beach. Likewise, many different types of foods are available in the city, and you can enjoy them as little or as frequently as you like. In Virginia Beach, Va, you can purchase a decent beer for your evening relaxation for $4 and a cafe burger for $6 to $8. Likewise, eating a 3-course meal in any of the eateries scattered around Virginia Beach will cost you about $40.


If you do not have a personal car, you might find it a bit difficult to navigate through Virginia Beach. Nevertheless, there are public buses for use by the residents. The bus fare for each ride on the public transport bus is $1.50. However, while public buses are available for public transit, keep in mind that the movement is generally slow, and the bus service does not serve all the locations in Virginia Beach.


The cost of utilities in Virginia Beach, Va, is affordable. For basic amenities like water, power, and trash disposal, the monthly estimate is roughly $130. On the other hand, the internet is expensive – about $65 per month.


Aside from being cheaper when compared to other large cities, maintaining a healthy lifestyle in Virginia Beach is somewhat more expensive than the country’s average. It will cost residents of Virginia Beach $105 to visit a medical doctor in the hospital. Also, the average cost of a dental consultation in Virginia Beach is $98, and the average cost of home visits by a doctor is $115.

Sports & Recreation

Virginia Beach also has a ton of recreational areas and parks if you love to work out and exercise your body, explore, or are just looking for a spot to enjoy the outdoors. If you like to work out indoors, joining a fitness group or visiting the gym in Virginia Beach will cost you around $30 monthly.

Average Income

According to the Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development reports, typical earnings in most households in Virginia Beach is $61,436 opposed to $51,939 nationally. Virginia Beach residents do not pay taxes. However, they are required to pay Virginia Beach’s 6% sales tax and the 5.75% state income tax, which is bigger than the 4.6% country’s average.

Final Words

This article has explained the approximates of various service costs in Virginia Beach, Va, in detail. Considering the cost of housing, healthcare, food, entertainment, utilities, etc., The cost of living in Virginia Beach is a bit high – so it is slightly costly to reside in Virginia Beach. Nonetheless, you will live comfortably if you earn up to or more than the average income in Virginia Beach.

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