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Promote your corporation on social media with these 4 tips

Marketing 101 says go where the potential customers are. As of 2022, there are almost 4 billion active social media users worldwide. That’s over half the world’s population! If you’re a business looking to expand your marketing reach, social media is the place to do it — especially if you’re looking for a younger audience.

But social media marketing isn’t as easy as making an account and posting some quick content every now and then. It takes planning and effort. Here are four ways to promote your corporation on social media that actually work.

1. Post regular, high-quality content

When it comes to social media marketing, consistency is key. Most people jump around between several different social platforms and consume an average of 95 minutes of content every day!

What that means for marketers is that there’s a lot of competition for users’ attention. If you don’t continuously produce content, you’ll be forgotten quickly.

The frequency of which you should post will largely depend on the platform, but it’s a good idea to have at least 3-5 posts per week on average to keep your brand at the forefront of your followers’ minds.

And because there’s such competition online, your content needs to be better than everyone else’s if you want to stand out. Don’t just post a quick photo you shot with your phone in the office. Take your time to produce outstanding content that will catch potential customers’ eyes.

If you need a little help getting started with high-quality content, there are plenty of corporate poster templates available online. Just choose a template that fits your brand, add your marketing information, and you’re ready to post your stunning poster to your social media channel of choice.

2. Understand how to use different platforms

There are several social media platforms that people like to use, and they’re all different. For example, Instagram is all about pictures, while Twitter is all about text, and TikTok is all about short videos.

Not only are the different platforms used differently, but they also have different customs. For example, you shouldn’t use shorthand and pop culture references on more professional platforms like LinkedIn, but it’s a good idea to throw them into informal platforms like Instagram or TikTok.

As if that wasn’t complicated enough, each platform also attracts a different demographic. For example, TikTok is the most popular platform for Gen Z consumers (a highly coveted demo), while Instagram is more popular with Millennials.

Understanding how to use the different platforms will help your corporation make a bigger impact with your desired demographics. There’s nothing worse than embarrassing your brand by misusing a platform, so make sure you understand the specific type of social media and use it correctly.

Also, it’s never a good idea to simply share content across all channels. Create channel-specific content to really optimize your social media marketing strategies.

3. Use plenty of hashtags (and do your research)

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, but it can be difficult to expand your reach when only your followers see your content. If you want to attract new followers, hashtags are a great way to reach people who might not follow your page already.

Hashtags are a way certain social media platforms link content to help users find pages and posts they might like. For example, if you make a post and use #boating, someone else can search #boating and see all the boating-related posts, whether they follow those pages or not.

Be sure to include plenty of related hashtags in all your posts. You want to use some hashtags with lots of search volume and a few more specific tags. Using a broad hashtag will get more search volume, but you’ll also have more competition. Specific hashtags have lower search volume, but you won’t have much competition.

Do your research to find hashtags that work for your industry and brand. A good way to get started with hashtag research is to look at your competitors’ posts and see what hashtags they’re using.

4. Offer social-only discounts

Growing your followers is the basis of all social media marketing, and you might have some customers who might not know about your social media presence (or maybe they just don’t want to follow you). Offering social-only discounts and deals is a great way to draw more people to your social accounts and get more followers.

For example, you can post a sign in your business or send a marketing email saying something like, “Follow us on Instagram for 10% off your next purchase.” Once they hit the follow button, you can send them a code to get the discount on their next purchase. 

Everyone likes getting a discount. By offering social-only deals and discounts, you can grow your following quickly and boost your social media marketing power.

Get your business the social media attention it deserves

Social media is a great tool to promote your corporation online, but like any great tool, you have to learn how to use it first. Post regular high-quality content, understand the different platforms, use plenty of hashtags, and offer social-only discounts. By growing your social media following and providing an offer to potential customers, you’ll have more online attention than your business knows what to do with!

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