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Supermicro, Information Technology Company

Supermicro is a technology company that designs and builds high-performance, high-efficiency Cloud, AI, and 5G Telco/Edge IT Infrastructure systems. They are an innovator in IT solutions with a long history of delivering and supporting industry-leading performance and efficiency. They also produce computer parts and hardware, including their motherboard, server, deep learning solution, and storage components. They are focused on designing, engineering, and manufacturing innovative technology solutions that give customers a competitive edge in today’s high-demand markets.

Supermicro was founded in 1993 in San Jose, California, by Charles Liang, currently the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. With just a single server in his garage, Mr. Liang initiated as a motherboard supplier and distributor of Intel-based server systems to provide customers with products that best fit their needs. Later, Supermicro relocated and became an integrated IT provider for its customers. As such, Supermicro started providing servers on bare-bones chassis, which are normally calibrated for integration into third-party OEM cases or rack-mount enclosures.

Supermicro has a robust and diverse workforce. There is a tremendous amount of active employees. This makes it possible for the company to have a strong and developed talent pool to put on projects, meet deadlines and stabilize their systems. Supermicro also has an excellent reputation within the tech industry. This allows them to make deals with key customers such as big tech companies, which should give them a higher confidence in their work because they receive more attention from potential clients.

They are committed to the environment, employees, and the communities where they do business. They provide solutions that offer customers the lowest total ownership costs. Their strategies include:

  • Reducing energy and water use
  • Preventing pollution
  • Promoting sustainable manufacturing of products that are safe for people and the planet

Supermicro’s deep learning solution is a technology that allows the internet and all devices connected to it to work with artificial intelligence (AI). Companies use this solution to understand the information processed by their data centers, corporate networks, data centers, or monitoring systems. It enables them to understand what is happening digitally in real-time.

Supermicro’s mission has been to empower our customers, partners, and employees with a consistent platform for software innovation and growth for more than twenty years. They want to help the industry’s leaders transform their businesses through innovative products. They want to provide a high performance and deep learning solution quality for all levels of customers by using their profound experience and expertise in the IT hardware field. 

Their cloud data centers are incredibly efficient and provide customers with a platform to run programs and processes with ease. It is made of many different hardware components, such as servers, network switches, network cards, storage devices, and power supplies. The server themselves are based on Intel’s server chipsets. They offer a variety of solutions for different requirements. They provide them with brand recognition, a deep learning solution, speed-to-market, quality assurance, and support which nowadays is hard to find on the market.

Supermicro also likes to give back to the communities and the state in which they operate by building local initiatives to support the environment and improve technology opportunities for everyone. The company’s environmental programs all strive towards becoming carbon neutral. They offer customers a total green IT solution, with servers that are 80% efficient and utilize environmentally friendly technologies such as solid-state storage solutions.

In the future, Supermicro aims to have a better environmental impact on the world by designing and manufacturing more green solutions. They believe that they will be able to do this by collaborating with their partners, customers, and employees. They aim to provide a new generation of IT infrastructure with a deep learning solution that can run multiple systems/applications easily and efficiently. This goal is achieved using servers, networks, and storage solutions built for speed, efficiency, and safety.

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