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When distance isn’t an obstacle for a close relationship and fruitful teamwork: 5 pros of recruiting remote developers

Nursing a cute startup idea, you hope to find a partner who will be able to create exactly what you have in your head. How to meet the experts who coincide with you in values, professional interests, and business goals? This is a challenge. Taking into account that the analysts forecast the IT sector will face increasing labor shortages, finding an experienced and well-educated contractor becomes a non-trivial task. Diverse companies compete for tech talents. And if you live in a country with high lifestyle standards, it often turns out to be a hardly realizable idea to start a digital enterprise. 

And what if you could not be limited by the city or district borders, and even national ones? When you recruit a distant IT agency, you receive a bouquet of benefits for your digital undertaking. The notable one is a feeling of freedom for you and your partner since there’s an opportunity to choose who to work for/with regardless of their location.

The Purrweb specialists did their overview on how to hire remote developers, covering the diverse aspects of the issue. Leaning on their recommendations, you’re equipped to organize such a kind of work most effectively. 

5 advantages of cooperation with specialists from other regions/countries

While employers have to fight for tech talents in the megapolises, try to select remote developers from other geographical locations to optimize budget and terms. Let’s sort out how it works, and which benefits can inspire you for establishing “borderless” relationships:

1. Access to a wider pool of tech talents

By allowing distant cooperation, entrepreneurs can hire designers/IT engineers regardless of their place of residence. This eliminates geographical constraints and opens access to globally high-rated teams. Gathering a talent pool is essential for starting a complex project if you’re targeting high-fidelity results. 

2. Increased productivity

 Remote developers work in an environment they are comfortable in and don’t suffer from the stress of a daily commute. This leads to outstanding efficiency since developers are able to deeper concentrate on their work.

3. Cost effectiveness

Inviting remote developers to collaborate can save entrepreneurs costs like office rent, electricity, and office supplies. Companies can also avoid the expense of relocation packages, which can be high for technology professionals. The second side of the issue is the difference in hourly rates accepted in different parts of the world. To construct an app in Eastern Europe can be twice or even triple cheaper than in the U.S. 

4. Flexibility

Remote developers do services from anywhere and anytime as long as they meet their deliverables. This helps startup founders to maintain a work-life balance as for themselves as for their staff, and keep workers engaged and motivated.

5. Scalability

 Remote developers provide startups with a flexible model of engagement. Depending on the current requirements, the founder recruits remote developers for specific services in the project, and can scale up or down the workforce if needed. 

Sounds like a fairytale, but there can be some obstacles for pleasant collaboration. Before signing a contract, make sure your communication will be effective and secure, your values are the same, and the level of competencies meets all your requirements. But let’s talk a pair of words about barriers that you can face in your journey towards efficient distant partnership. 

1. Communication challenges

When selecting remote developers from foreign countries, keep in mind the risk that communication often becomes

more difficult. There could be communication gaps when trying to resolve issues or when clarifying project requirements. The level of language mastery is one of the reasons. The difference in cultural background and business processes also contributes to the appearance of illusions and misunderstandings. 

2. Dependability

 Working remotely requires a high level of self-discipline and accountability. Some remote developers may struggle with this, which can impact their productivity and the quality of their work. That is mostly related to freelancers. And when you’re building business relationships with a reputable software agency, the risk that something will get wrong is minimized. 

3. Trust and security issues

There is always risk involved when hiring remote developers, especially if the project is linked to sensitive data or vulnerable company information. It’s hard to regulate this issue when dealing with freelance specialists. But when you’re selecting a software agency, consider the company that has the necessary trust and security frameworks in place. By signing specific documents you can receive a guarantee that confidentiality will be complained about.  

Where to search for outsourcing teams

If you’re planning to start working with a full-cycle software agency, scroll to the specific platforms where the talents from various countries are represented. Clutch, GoodFirms, Dribbble, Behance. Leaning on the filters with location, cost, and specialization, you can meet exactly what you want. Explore their rating and read previous customers’ reviews if you hope to find a trustworthy team. 

Lifehack: find the works from teams’ portfolios on the App store or in Google Play, assess them, and read customers’ reviews. 

Another way to find remote developers is to search on the internet. Interesting cases related to your business niche or relevant blog posts are the signal you’ll find mutual understanding. 

How to organize cooperation with partners from other locations

Don’t neglect to keep a life-work balance while cooperating with people whose time zones differ from yours. Try to keep a schedule of work that is convenient for both sides. Use contemporary tools for juggling tasks and tracking results: Jira, and Trello. So you’ll be sure nothing will be lost. A well-disciplined team demonstrates the results of iterations every two weeks. Thus, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your product development. Online meetings in Google Meets, Zoom, or any other messengers let you discuss all the details in person. 

Overall, hiring remote developers has its pros and cons. The clear benefits to taking onboard distant partners are paired with challenges that entrepreneurs must overcome to ensure that they are getting the best experience in result-oriented cooperation, and, respectively, return on investment. 

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