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4 Reasons Your Business Could Use Pedal Bins

Pedal bins have numerous benefits for businesses – they are a convenient choice for storing and disposing of waste, helping to maintain neatness and hygiene in the workplace. If you’re considering wastage options for your business or you’ve just moved into a new office or warehouse, allow us to explain four reasons why your business could use this style of bin.

1. Reduce Cross-Contamination – Pedal bins are the perfect solution for businesses that need to reduce cross-contamination. With one simple press of a pedal, you can avoid direct contact with potentially contaminated surfaces and keep your workspace clean and safe. For example, in a medical office, you can use pedal bins to dispose of blood and other infectious materials without having to touch them. When several people use the same bin, it is essential to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

2. Promote Hygiene – It’s no secret that having a clean and tidy environment is essential for promoting good hygiene. Pedal bins are a great way to keep your premises neat and sanitary, as they have lids that keep odors and pests away. They also have a tight-fitting lid to ensure maximum hygiene throughout your workspace. After the pandemic, hygiene has become the number one priority in any business. Pedal bins help you keep your premises clean and hygienic, while also reducing the chances of the spread of infectious diseases.

3. Encourage Recycling – Remember, recycling isn’t just good for the environment – it can also benefit your business. Pedal bins are an effective way to promote your commitment to sustainability and encourage your employees, customers, and visitors to recycle. Each pedal bin can be fitted with a waste segregation label so that the user knows exactly which items are recyclable and which aren’t.

4. Reduce Litter – Whether you run an office, store, or another type of establishment, having a pedal bin on-site can reduce the amount of waste that is left lying around. Pedal bins are designed to be easy to use, so users are more likely to throw away their rubbish correctly, keeping your premises clean and preventing any potential health hazards.

When investing in pedal bins from an experienced supplier, you could even choose products with different coloured lids, so that customers can easily distinguish between different waste streams. This helps to ensure that all litter is thrown away correctly, preventing it from ending up in the wrong place. For example, you could have one for general waste, one for recycling, and one for compostable material.

In addition, you could choose pedal bins that feature a germ guard layer, so that any bacteria or germs left on the lid or surrounding areas from people’s hands won’t be picked up and spread around. This can help to maintain a much cleaner environment and prevent the spread of any illnesses.

Finally, you could use pedal bins as an additional source of marketing and advertising. By using customised branding on the bins, you can get your company’s name out there in a subtle yet effective way. This could be through having your logo printed on the bins, or having your slogan printed around the lids. There are lots of possibilities and it could allow you to spread the word about your business; place a couple outside the front of your restaurant and it sends a good message to all.

These are just four of the many reasons why your business could benefit from using pedal bins. Not only can they be used for waste, but they can also act as an additional source of marketing and advertising.

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